Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh my aching back

I have been in a battle with my back for over a week and I am really tired of it!
I have been living on muscle relaxers and pain meds and I hate the tired/fuzzy feeling they give me. I feel good for the first couple of hours of the morning, but way before noon I am starting to feel the twinge of pain and spasms that come with it. UGH!
Enough of that!
I haven't gotten any more done on my scrappy star. I went to a quilt shop and found a couple of shirting fabrics I didn't own.
That is another thing I didn't do, I forgot to do my stash report on Sunday. CRUD.
Ok, here it is :
In: 5 yards
Out: 0
YTD: +5
Off to do some picking up before the pain get much worse.

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