Friday, January 29, 2010

I can retreat too!

All of my Mobile friends (except Nancy) is retreating this weekend and I was pouting about not being able to go. Really I was having a big pity party, but I was the only one there. SOooooo I decided to retreat all day by myself and pretend I was with my friends.
My nephew and his wife, on Ray's side is expecting their first baby. I have been looking and looking for the perfect quilt from Aunt Dinah (me) and I think I found it. Since we know it is a baby boy I thought he would like a space ship quilt. This is an old pattern that I saved out of a Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. You can tell I am making a quilt from my heart because this is almost completely made from templates. I hate templates.

I also have a niece that is having her second birthday soon. I didn't make a quilt when she was born because she was getting so many. Now I think I want to make her a big girl quilt. She likes dinosaurs and I think I have the perfect pattern. I will start on that tomorrow, at least the fabric picking.

More later,

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Linda said...

Diane, you're rocket quilt is "out of this world". We did miss you this weekend but it looks like you got a lot more done than you would have if you had been at the retreat. You're going to love the new room.