Wednesday, March 27, 2013


This was the first idea.
Typical layout and piecing design

 I have always loved this pattern, so don't ask me why I didn't think of it first. I like the pattern, but don't like set in seams. So I redrew it in EQ to make it easier to piece. Then I recolored it.

Same layout, no inset seems.
I like this a LOT better. Then sometimes I look at it and I'm not sure. do the four light pieces jump out at you like headlights? I like the simple applique on the border. Does it look too dainty for as bold as the pattern is? I guess proportion is what I mean.

I made a sample and put it on the cork board so I can look at it. Maybe I should change some of the placements? I have already changed my mind about the cone/handle piece. It will be a lighter green since I don't want 25 green cones being the first thing you see. Also the green leaves will be darker. They need to be as strong as the flowers.

I originally thought about making it in my CW repro fabrics, but have changed my mind. So I am working from my stash which isn't wonderful since I have mainly bought CW fabrics for the past who knows how long. Maybe I should go buy some FQs while I am in Mobile. There are several places to shop in Pensacola and in Mississippi all being about an hour away.

Since I woke up so late this afternoon I think I will probably sew all night, which will mess with my sleep schedule even more. Oh well, if it isn't one thing it's another.

Tell me what you think of the block and the layout. I need hints since I am the only female in the house and I don't know any quilters here. This is when I miss my Mobile ladies all the more.



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Laura in IA said...

I like your design a lot. You may be right about the border applique. I don't applique so I would just finish the quilt blocks, no border. I'm lazy like that.