Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sleep glorious sleep and wedding quilt maddness

Sleep, wonderful sleep. I finally got some last night...this morning..whenever it was.
I have been averaging about 4 hours for the past week or so and I am a 8-9 hours a night kinda gal. I HAVE to have sleep. Ray can live on 5-6 and function just fine. Not me!
Last night as I was looking at the clock and wishing my eyes would close I decided to listen to a book I have listened to many times. I thought it is such a comforting story and I love the narrator so I might could be lulled to sleep. BINGO! I don't know what time I fell asleep, but I slept until 1:30 PM!!! My day is shot, but who cares! It would be shot anyway if I walked around bleary eyed anyway.

Prior to not sleeping Ray and I were discussing the wedding quilt. Well I was whining and he was ignoring me. Finally out of desperation and fear that I would never shut up he asked me what I was whining about.

Me:  I can't find "THE" pattern. I know I keep jumping around and I have made a dozen sample blocks but they are not right. None of them. I don't like any of them!
Him:  You have a thousand books, a million magazines and EQ and can't find ONE pattern that you like?
Me: I haven't looked at Blockbase or my magazines...I have looked at the books and have played around EQ.
Him: Try your magazines.

 This wasn't the exact conversation, but close enough for the G-rated blog post. Basically I whined and ranted and wailed about no one ever caring about all my stress and inability to create beautiful quilts. No one listens to me when I have a problem. Me asking how he can sit there working on his computer while I am in tears. Him looking at me as if to ask, "Are you talking to me?
That is when I stalked off and grabbed a handful of old magazines and sat in the floor mumbling under my breath.

I have magazines all over the floor in the hall (that is where the bookshelves are), in my sewing room floor, all over my foot stool which is the size of a small bed, and there are even some in the kitchen.

I found a couple I liked...made MORE sample blocks...narrowed it down more... reworked a design in EQ...maybe...maybe...oh I like this...
Pulled fabric from my stash. Measured. Measured again. I have everything I need, except background fabric. isn't that always the case? You always need to buy something! I got online and found a solid online for way less money than I could buy local. Like half the price. Since I needed 8 yards I bought it online. Yep, 8 yards. Large quilt.
I went ahead and cut as much as I could so when the fabric arrives I can wash, iron and cut quickly and start sewing. I still need to decide on greens. The pattern has, sashing, large piece in each block and applique vine and leaves and binding that are greens. I can't decide if I should use 3 different or if I should combine two of them. The blocks will be scrappy, the background one fabric, and so I need to decide so I can get busy making a thousand miles of vines.

Enough babbling...there is work to be done!

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