Friday, March 1, 2013

Wedding quilts and quick dinner

What do you think?
This is not exactly what it looks like. I just have the center 36 blocks complete. As I was putting them together I thought they looked so lonely and puny. So I put a border. and I liked it, but I realized I had just shrunk the blocks not actually placed the correct size.

Once I had corrected that, the border didn't look so good, so I doubled it. The image at the top is how it is supposed to look.
I have been working strictly on UFOs, but I am going to have to change it up soon. I have a wedding quilt to make. The son of a dear friend is getting married in July. Nothing like last minute huh?
So do you think a log cabin quilt could work as a wedding quilt? Does it look special enough?
Tonight I wanted to make a quick supper that was light. I made Asian Lettuce Cups. It is kind of like the lettuce cups you get at PF Chang's. Really good! Really fast! Quick clean-up too!
1T cooking oil
3c coarsely chopped shitake mushroom caps (1/2 pound) ( I didn't have any this time so it is optional)
1 1/4 pound ground turkey
1/2 t garlic
1/2 t ginger ( I only had powder and it was fine)
8oz water chestnuts- I sliced them small
thinly sliced green onions
Lettuce leaves
3T Hoisin sauce
2T Low Sodium Soy
1T Rice vinegar
2t Sriracha ( I NEVER use anything hot so this is optional)
1/4 t salt (I didn't use)
Heat oil, add mushrooms, saute until tender about 5 minutes or so. Remove mushrooms, add turkey, garlic and ginger; cook until browned stirring to crumble. Combine mushrooms, turkey mixture, onions and water chestnuts in bowl, stir well.
The recipe says to spoon meat into a lettuce leaf and drizzle with hoisin/soy sauce mixture. That is good too, but we prefer to mix it all together. It seems to be less messy and taste better to us.
In less than 30 minutes we went from looking in the fridge wondering what to cook to putting the dirty plates in the sink. It is that fast!
No pictures...:(
If you have any suggestions for the wedding quilt let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Think you might need to add the extra border and if you didn't want to do that a dark border of some kind would look nice too.
Linda G