Monday, March 4, 2013

When the rat's away the wife will play...

Is that how it goes?
Or is it when the husband is gone I don't have to cook for 4 days so I can sew my brains out with no worries. LOL I think that may be better...I don't always think the husband is a rat, just when I want to sew and he wants to eat or sleep on clean sheets. LOL

I forced myself to go to bed at a decent hour last night so at 1:30 am I crawled in the bed. It was only 1 1/2 hours passed my goal time, but still pretty good.

I have been listening to Charles Dickens' book Dombey and Son, and paper piecing some lopsided pineapples. Thought I have made quite a few, it shows how small a dent I've made when you stack the untouched next to the complete and the in progress. So far I have only made one that will be thrown out. I didn't put the edge of the fabric in the correct place and didn't notice until the block was complete. But I am not too upset, only one throw away after so many...pretty good in my book.

At what temperature do you turn on the heater? This shows 67, which is already warmer than the 64 it showed earlier. I know in the summer time I would give mostly anything for that temp, but today I am chilled. Last night I slept under two blankets and my special quilt my friends gave me. Normally I wouldn't have so much on the bed, but I was alone with no one to warm my cold feet so I needed the extra warmth.

Today's agenda:
wash the dogs bedding - half way there!
SEW...on my way!
There is homemade lasagna in the fridge, chicken cacciatore leftovers. Yum! I got this recipe from Judy Laquidara. It is delicious, you must give it a try. I am all set for food at least until Joseph discovers the lasagna. :)

Later gator,

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